Gorgeous Constanza
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  • Romantic Getaways
  • Constanza
  • $ 800
  • 3 - 4 travelers
  • Food, Exploring, Relaxing, Night Life
  • Hotel: 4 to 5 stars
My Wife and I will be visiting Constanza on our honeymoon, we love the countryside and we would like to indulge ourselves in the beauty of the countryside.

We want a luxury accommodation in a villa. We also want a room with a veranda or balcony that has a panoramic view of the valley. We would ideally like a jacuzzi on the property and a fireplace since it gets very cold here. We would like an accommodation that is focused on the country side with a rustic feel.

Since we will be landing in Constanza in the evening, we want to rest on the first day as we will be tired.

On the second day, we would like to visit the pyramids in the the Valle Nuevo National Park and the surrounding museum. We would like a guide who can meet us there and take us on a small guided tour of the place.

We would also like to have a small barbeque at the national park, just the both of us, so we would like you to arrange for a barbeque there.

The next day, we would like to visit the "Enchanted Valley", we would like to take the road to Alto de la Bandera, and hike down the Valle Encantado.

For dinner, I would like you to arrange a romantic dinner for us at the villa we are staying in, with a table that overlooks the countryside, and candles and seafood, as my wife loves seafood.