Discovering Samana
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  • Family Vacations
  • Samana
  • $ 2,800
  • 3 - 4 travelers
  • Food, Exploring, Relaxing, Beach Activities
  • Hotel: 4 to 5 stars
My family and I are looking for an all-inclusive hotel in Samana we want you to book it for 5 days, We have 2 teenagers.

We would like two rooms one with a king size bed and the other with a double bed, we want the two rooms side by side with both of them having an ocean view.

On our second day in Samana, we would like a guided tour of the Los Haitises national park. We want to explore its rugged seascape, the tropical rainforest, the caves, rock formations, and mangrove forests. We would also love to bird watch here. (please let us know if we have to take any special equipment or clothing)

On our second day in Samana, we would like to go shopping for some souvenirs, ideally, local shops that sell authentic handicrafts and products from the Dominican republic.

On our third day, we would like to go snorkeling at a gorgeous beach nearby, and we would like to have the equipment arranged for us so we don’t have to worry about it. After snorkeling, we would like to enjoy dinner ideally in an Italian restaurant at Playa Rincón.

For our fourth day, we would like to just spend time at the beach sunbathing and enjoy locally prepared Dominican food.
For dinner, we would like to visit the famous pizza place Taberna Mediterranea.