Destination wedding
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  • Proposal and Weddings
  • Samana
  • $ 10,000
  • 3 - 4 travelers
  • Food, Relaxing, Beach Activities
  • Hotel: 4 to 5 stars
I would like to have an amazing wedding arranged in the Dominican Republic, by the beach!

I would like to have a five star hotel resort with a spa and swimming pool booked for our wedding in Samana, with the airport pick up included.

My future husband and I would like to stay for 9 nights, and we would like you to book the honeymoon suite for us at the hotel. Ideally we would like our room to face the ocean, and with a Jacuzzi included.
The rest of the wedding party will be staying for 3 nights.

The entire wedding party consists of 50 people including the both of us. We would also like to have a wedding planner arranged for us, as well as a really good photographer to take pictures.

We would like to get married on the beach, with the ceremony starting around 5:00 pm. We would like a beautiful decoration of yellow and white flowers for the ceremony by the beach.

Immediately after the wedding, we will be having a reception, and would like you to reserve a private salon with a decoration that matches that of the wedding. I would like to have a 3 tiered cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, as it is my favorite. For the reception, we would like to have a buffet style dinner with seafood such as Squid, lobster, fish and some steaks. 3 of our guests eat gluten free food, so we would like some food options that can cater to them.

Once the dinner is done, I want to have a tarima because we would like to have a performance of some romantic english music from the 80s. We would ideally like the reception to go on late into the night.

We would like to have some tours arranged for us the next evening, which does not involve a lot of walking as we will be tired after the wedding.

The day before our family and friend’s departure, I would like to have a dinner reservation booked for all of us in an Italian restaurant and we would like to have a white party at the beach after dinner, with electronic music.

Once our wedding party leaves, my husband and I would like to have an excursion arranged to Cayo Levantado by boat. We would like to go scuba diving with an instructor. The next day we would like to go on a buggy experience and explore the city and the beaches around the city.