Boca Chica beach trip
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  • Family Vacations
  • Santo Domingo
  • $ 250
  • 3 - 4 travelers
  • Food, Exploring, Relaxing, Beach Activities
  • No Accomodation
DAY 1: Once you arrive in Santo Domingo, we will pick you and your family up from your hotel and take you to a restaurant that is famous for its local cuisine. After lunch, we will take you on a guided tour around Plaza de España, where we also made a reservation for you at a famous seafood restaurant overlooking the plaza.

DAY 2: We have arranged a beautiful day at the beach for you and your family, you will be picked up at 7 am from your hotel in Santo Domingo and we will drive you to Boca Chica. While you enjoy a fun day at the beach, you will have a delicious seafood lunch arranged for you and your family (drinks will also be provided), so you can have lunch by the beach. After an amazing day at the beach, we will drive you back to Santo Domingo and drop you off at your hotel.