Beautiful Santo Domingo
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  • Adventure and Discovery
  • Santo Domingo
  • $ 300
  • 3 - 4 travelers
  • Food, Exploring
  • No Accomodation
We are a group of 3 adults and we will be visiting Santo Domingo for 4 days. This is our first time in the Dominican republic and we do not speak Spanish. We all speak english.

We have already booked our accommodation for our stay. But we plan on visiting the Centro Historico part of Santo Domingo, and we would like a guide who can meet us there and give us a tour all around the area. The three of us love history and culture so we would like someone experienced in the history of the country who can take us around and explain everything to us.

We would also like you to make a reservation for us for lunch, for two days in some of the most authentic Dominican restaurants that locals love.

We don't mind walking a lot, in fact we love walking, so we are excited to be able to explore The historic part of Santo Domingo.